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The Oldest Motorcycle & Scooter Manufacturer in the world

Peugeot Motorcycles & Scooters Since 1898


1898 Birth of the listed company Automobiles & Cycles Peugeot, at the 7th Cycle and Automobile Exhibition, Peugeot Motocycles presented the first motorbike. From this point on, the company was considered a French manufacturer of cars and motorcycles


To speed up its growth, Peugeot started exploring a new form of technology that was still relatively unknown at the time: the internal combustion engine. In this field, the brand worked with two Swiss experts: Ernest Zürcher and Hermann Lüthi.


World first: launch of a motorbike with a V-45° two engine.


Sales Records, The P108 inaugurates a commercial success with the P107, P109, P110 and P111, offering a new Peugeot sales record for the time with 34,900 machines sold.


This is the evolution of the S55 which met a great success that year, because of the explosion of sales of scooters throughout Europe. It is distinguished from its big brother, the S55 thanks to the headlight now positioned on the handlebars.


Peugeot’s cult 103 moped is launched, a worthy sucessor of the 101, the 103 is marketed by keeping it’s DNA:
fashionable, efficient and cheaper


2018 starts anniversary celebrations as Peugeot Scooters is inaugurating 120 years of motorcycle and scooter manufacturing.