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Urban Commuter

“Not for shy, retiring types”. With its unapologetic triple-black demeanour, the Kisbee has been designed to be the perfect partner for urban commuters. It is light, agile and spacious for hassle-free and low-cost commuting to the rider and the environment. An elegant yet purposefully-powerful headlight, 12-inch alloy wheels and comfortable, contoured seat assert the Kisbee’s quality throughout.


Simple in concept but advanced in design, the Kisbee’s 50cc two-stroke engine features a new piston design, lighter con-rod and three-chamber exhaust, all of which allows it to produce unrivalled torque while remaining compact, lightweight and reliable. Combined with the fully automatic transmission, the Kisbee delivers more than sufficient power for threading through congested urban areas while returning excellent fuel efficiency.

Colour Options

Design Quality

As black as the night can get with a bold racing look. Black rims are emphasised by grey satin highlights for a subtle bellicose touch. Practicality has deliberately taken a backseat, too, with neatly-integrated grab handles to allow your pillion to move in a natural and safe position.